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• Impersonate Staff - Please do it so we can ban you.
• Spam - Pretty much self-explanatory.
• Flaming - Do it tastefully, don't be dumb and flame staff members. You will regret it.
• Advertise - Advertising other server is forbidden, advertising you have items from other server wanting to trade for MUAZ items is forbidden.
• Account Responsibly - You are responsible for your account, we do not reimburse items no matter what happened to your account. You are risking your account, if you are sharing it with friends/family members, playing at unsecured PCs, or playing at a internet cafe. Any petitions asking for help will be ignored.
• Scam - self-explanatory.
• Bugs - If a bug is found, you must report it immediately.
• Do not annoy GMs - Please don't bother GMs constantly asking for help, we aren't here to hold your hands as you journey through MUAZ, you should know basic game mechanics.

Our GMs are intelligent enough to know when you are violating server rules. We are not require to show evidences of wrongdoing to the general public. If mistakes were made we will correct it. We aren't afraid to admit we made a mistake.


• Language - English is the universal language on the forums outside of International Language section. Basic English is required before making a post.
• Spam - Do not response with "first" or "+1"
• Safe for work - The forums is safe for the work place. No porn images/videos or shock/gore images. 
• Don't go off topic - Do not derail someone's topic. If you need to make a post do it in the right section.
• Proper thread titles - When making a thread, avoid titling your thread, "Help me!, about......., check it please, man why do this, etc."
• Post it in the right section - Self-explanatory.
• Appealing your punishment - If you received a punishment in game do not make a thread in every section of the forums.
• Trash talking - You want to talk thrash, do it with some intelligence. Don't just make thread about how you defile someone's family member. We are internationally diverse, everyone is allow to play here. We don't judge.
• Quote - Don't make quote trains, those are annoying.
• Search Functions -  Use it please.
• Avatar & Signatures - Have common sense for your images, if its too big we will ask you do resize it.

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