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  2. Emin try the discord. The admin can help you get your client to work. I don't speak Turkish sorry 😞
  3. salam. kimse var? oyunu yuklemiwem ama girmir
  4. Box of Luck dropped by baby dragons have chance for socket items. BOK still drop Summoner items. We don't have summoner in Season 3.
  5. Thank you very much! I will check this out 🙂
  6. Bow of Hate is also Angelic Bow. It is is Noria Bow shop.
  7. So far the bugs I've found are: There is a Bow of Hate dropped by Giants near Devias entrance. It says it sells for a bunch of Zen but it doesn't. It also has Downloadable feature? Looks strange. Might be a mistake. Golden Mob All Boss Mob don't do any damage. I was able to kill 10 at level 80. They drop BOK which is super easy way to get GP. HP and Mana regenerate very fast. You don't need any potions.
  8. I'm sure many players look forward to this. It will be a very productive beta.
  9. Dear Mu Online Lovers! We have decided to postpone our beta release and start it tomorrow. We will need more deep testing on the server which requires to have a open beta phase. Detailed information about beta phase will be released on the forums & website tomorrow. Please join our Discord channel to stay in-touch with the instant changes and for a fast chit-chat. MUAZ DISCORD SERVER
  10. Dear friends! The time goes by, and many of you have become interested about our project future. And today we want to tell you some our plans for the IA-MUAZ development in the area of Mu Online. Paying attention for the numerous questions and requests from our players, we decided to open the mid-rate Season 3 project which you have been looking for a long time. More information about the date and features of the new server will be published this summer. What we can guarantee? Quality and interesting concept of mid-rate Season 3. Unique platform of the server. Scaled advertising company in USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, СIS Guaranteed big online. Updated system of bonuses for all players. Interesting political arena. During the preparing period you will be able to take part in various contests and events, which won’t leave anybody indifferent. Join us, tell your friends about us – have fun and only quality platforms four your game. This year will become the most memorable in your game history!
  11. Hello everyone! We have finally released our Forum Board to serve you. From now on all kind of requests, announces will be handle through this place. Please read server and community rules before starting to do something with our project. PROJECT RULES
  12. In-Game • Impersonate Staff - Please do it so we can ban you. • Spam - Pretty much self-explanatory. • Flaming - Do it tastefully, don't be dumb and flame staff members. You will regret it. • Advertise - Advertising other server is forbidden, advertising you have items from other server wanting to trade for MUAZ items is forbidden. • Account Responsibly - You are responsible for your account, we do not reimburse items no matter what happened to your account. You are risking your account, if you are sharing it with friends/family members, playing at unsecured PCs, or playing at a internet cafe. Any petitions asking for help will be ignored. • Scam - self-explanatory. • Bugs - If a bug is found, you must report it immediately. • Do not annoy GMs - Please don't bother GMs constantly asking for help, we aren't here to hold your hands as you journey through MUAZ, you should know basic game mechanics. Our GMs are intelligent enough to know when you are violating server rules. We are not require to show evidences of wrongdoing to the general public. If mistakes were made we will correct it. We aren't afraid to admit we made a mistake. Forums • Language - English is the universal language on the forums outside of International Language section. Basic English is required before making a post. • Spam - Do not response with "first" or "+1" • Safe for work - The forums is safe for the work place. No porn images/videos or shock/gore images. • Don't go off topic - Do not derail someone's topic. If you need to make a post do it in the right section. • Proper thread titles - When making a thread, avoid titling your thread, "Help me!, about......., check it please, man why do this, etc." • Post it in the right section - Self-explanatory. • Appealing your punishment - If you received a punishment in game do not make a thread in every section of the forums. • Trash talking - You want to talk thrash, do it with some intelligence. Don't just make thread about how you defile someone's family member. We are internationally diverse, everyone is allow to play here. We don't judge. • Quote - Don't make quote trains, those are annoying. • Search Functions - Use it please. • Avatar & Signatures - Have common sense for your images, if its too big we will ask you do resize it.
  13. Detailed information of the Atom X35 server of MUAZ. The return of one of the most beloved players moderate low-rate server, with 35 resets and a pleasant dynamic experience. Particular attention was paid to the PvE component of the game. We have such elements as Achievement Buff, Guild Buff, Set Bonus, Vip Buff, additional stats for quests. All this made the characters stronger, and the power of the monsters on the spots remained almost unchanged. Therefore, all monsters starting with Dungeon will become stronger, and the character's progress on the maps will slow down significantly. Main Features Server Version: Season 3 Episode 5 Experience rate: X35 Item drop rate: 30% Stats bonus per level: DK-DW-ELF[5] || MG-DL[7] Starting stats bonus: 2000 Helper Bot level requirement: L1 Maximum Resets: 35 Atom System Interface - Modern interface that will not let your eyes get bored. Non-Stop Hype - Excellent balanced gameplay will not allow you to stay on the same things. New Maps & Instances - We have developed new maps for you where you will find a lot of interesting things! Daily Crywolf Battle - Crywolf's daily event will reward you with very useful items. Unique Team vs Team Event - This event starts every Saturday and Sunday, which gives huge prizes to teams! Retail Events - All classic events of the 3rd season of the game are perfectly balanced and tuned that will make you participate in them with great pleasure. Daily Rewards - We have developed a very useful function especially for those who play day and night, in return for the time spent, they also receive credits for every hour spent in the game In-game shops - Shops in the maps are perfectly tuned and balanced. There you will find a lot of useful things for successfully upgrading your players! Class System - All characters are perfectly tuned for balanced PVP. With us you have to act wisely to knock down in PVP. Guild System - We have developed for each guild a separate warehouse where they can store their items. Also, every successful clan has the opportunity to get interesting rewards from us! MUAZ Item Store - On our main site you will find an interesting store with our offers to you for such occasions as if you want to support our project. Drop System - In the game, we maximally brought the drop of all items to the official server. One difference is in the chances and quantities. Wings System - We decided to leave the original wing system nevertheless. Such as Wing 1, 2, 3 levels. Kanturu Arena This is a special arena with 3 unique spots where you can gain many unique items such as Jewels, Boxes, Exc items. It also includes and daily Kanturu Domination Event for Guilds!(More information will be available soon) Stadium The stadium location, will be available this time to everyone on weekends, starting from Saturday 10:00 and until the end of the castle siege on Sunday. There are a lot of different spots on the location, several bosses and a special Zen spot. On weekends, when Stadium is open to everyone, players will re-spawn at the same place as they die. Themselves, the owners of the castle are in the Stadium attack will not work, but they can attack you. When the siege ends up on Sunday, all players except the owners of the castle teleport to the city. Atom Arena The arena where you can find special spots in cages and those cages were designed for strong players which requires 10+ Resets. (Drop list will be available later)
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