Welcome to the MUAZ Content Season III

Experience: 35x
Master Level 55x
Starting Points: 2000
HelperBot Level Requirement: L-1
OFF EXP Feature: 12 Hours
VIP Status: Available
Item Store: Balanced

Pure classic Season 3 with new features!

The battle is already beginning

Long sleepless nights, a lot of work, hopes and inspiration, successes and disappointments. We have come a long way. And this day has come! Dear friends and guests of our server! It is a joint international project, created by Imagination Arts LTD.
On the server will meet representatives of completely different communities - Europe, America, CIS!

What we offer you?


Modern interface that will not let your eyes get bored.

Non-stop Hype

Excellent balanced gameplay will not allow you to stay on the same things.


We have developed new maps for you where you will find a lot of interesting things!

Daily Crywolf

Crywolf's daily event will reward you with very useful items.

Team vs Team

This event starts every Saturday and Sunday, which gives huge prizes to teams!

Retail Events

All classic events of the 3rd season of the game are perfectly balanced and tuned that will make you participate in them with great pleasure..

Daily Rewards

We have developed a very useful function especially for those who play day and night, in return for the time spent, they also receive credits for every hour spent in the game..


Shops in the maps are perfectly tuned and balanced. There you will find a lot of useful things for successfully upgrading your players.!


All characters are perfectly tuned for balanced PVP. With us you have to act wisely to knock down in PVP.


We have developed for each guild a separate warehouse where they can store their items. Also, every successful clan has the opportunity to get interesting rewards from us!


On our main site you will find an interesting store with our offers to you for such occasions as if you want to support our project.

Drop in game

In the game, we maximally brought the drop of all items to the official server. One difference is in the chances and quantities.


We decided to leave the original wing system nevertheless. Such as Wing 1, 2, 3 levels.


We have Mu Helper available to everyone from level 1 and for free!