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Dear friends! The time goes by, and many of you have become interested about our project future. And today we want to tell you some our plans for the MUAZ development in the area of Mu Online.

Paying attention for the numerous questions and requests from our players, we decided to open the Season 1-3 Mixed Style project which you have been looking for a long time. More information about the date and features of the new server will be published this September.

What we can guarantee?

Quality and interesting concept of Interlude.

Unique platform of the server.

Scaled advertising company in USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, –°IS

Guaranteed big online.

Updated system of bonuses for all players.

Interesting political arena.

During the preparing period you will be able to take part in various contests and events, which won’t leave anybody indifferent. Join us, tell your friends about us – have fun.

This year will become the most memorable in your game history!

Published by Irbos, September 2, 2019